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The Law Offices of Matthew T. Desrochers, P.C., is dedicated to guiding through your debt issues. As your attorney, Matthew Desrochers will work to stop creditor harassment, repossessions, garnishments, home foreclosure and other adverse creditor actions.

Law Offices of Matthew T. Desrochers, P.C. is a dedicated ALL LICENSED legal team ready to guide you through your unique debt issues. With the help of an experienced attorney such as Matthew Desrochers, it is possible to stop adverse creditor actions such as wage garnishment, foreclosure, repossessions, and general harassment.

Our Boston bankruptcy law firm has achieved millions of dollars of discharged debt for our clients.

If Americans have learned anything in the past decade, it is that no one is safe from financial stresses. For many, the answer to these stresses is debt settlement or even bankruptcy. If you have endured undue emotional turmoil and sleepless nights wondering how you can overcome what feels like insurmountable financial obstacles, we can help. Our experienced team of tax, debt, and bankruptcy attorneys has the knowledge to guide you through your personal process to find the financial relief you need. By providing our clients with the necessary information, we ensure they do not jump head-first into “solutions” that are not right for them.

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Our clients receive Personal Service with a Collaborative Approach.

Experience is the difference you will see at the Law Offices of Matthew T. Desrochers, P.C. Our level of teamwork between office personal, clients and attorneys is unparalleled. Our clients are provided with easy to understand explanations of the law and remain informed throughout the processing of their case. We collaborate with each client to develop workable solutions aimed at resolving legal challenges. With a great deal of legal expertise, experience, and zeal, our team can resolve even very challenging cases.

We have a proven record of accomplishments!


Need help with credit card debt?

A bankruptcy law firm such as ours is not the typical "debt settlement" company. We do not attempt to fit you into a unique program. Our approach to financial resolution is to inform our clients of the advantages and disadvantages of their various options. In this way, our clients can make an educated decision about their financial wellbeing.


Trouble paying a loan?

Individuals who are falling behind on a loan may benefit from a loan modification. Through this process, we help clients avoid default and stay in their home by restructuring the original terms and conditions of the loan.


Need help with the IRS?

Tax problems can be very SERIOUS and very frightening. There is no reason to lose sleep worrying about wage garnishment or exorbitant charges and fees related to back taxes. Our licensed tax and bankruptcy attorneys have helped many clients facing audit, payroll taxes, and other IRS problems.


Have questions?

Our team has several years of experience with debt resolution and bankruptcy. More than likely, your question has been asked before, and we are happy to assist you. If you have a specific question, you may find the answer you need in our Frequently Asked Questions section. In the event you require more information, please contact our office at (781) 279-1822.


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