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We understand that hiring a legal team can seem complicated. Our past clients can help you determine if we may be a good fit for your needs. Read our testimonials and then contact our office at (781) 279-1822 for a FREE consultation in which you can discuss your legal concerns.

“ I retained Matt for a Loan Modification as I was facing a foreclosure. He was able to modify my mortgage get my current on the loan; and then get me right into a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. He contacted at every step and kept me informed.

I would recommend Matt to any friends or family. “

~ Jason Nicosia-Lunenburg

I found Matthew online. He met me after hours due to my work schedule and was able to guide me through a very difficult time in my life. I was facing foreclosure and had mountains of credit card debt. I had just gone through a divorce and needed financial guidance. He put me back on track with my finances.

I have referred him to work people and they as well have been very happy with his service and commitment to his client. Thanks Matthew.

~ Stephanie

I owed a property in Peabody Mass and I lost my job. I could not pay my mortgage. I was collecting unemployment for over two years and finally I got a job making a lot less than before.

I was referred to this attorney by a friend who also helped him out. He was able to get me out of foreclosure. He went to my lender (Bank of America) and negotiated a lower payment that I could really afford.

He then helped me with credit card bills that were out of hand. I could pay all my bills and expenses when I was working at my first job; but then my other job was a lot less.

He made me feel very comfortable and was completely professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
I did read the other review here and I am sure that there is more to the story than just this.
CALL HIM IF YOU NEED HELP. There is no one better.

~ Denise

Matthew Desrochers is the BEST bankruptcy attorney! I am writing this review to thank him for the service and the results that he brought for me in filing my bankruptcy petition. I was considering doing debt settlement but after he analyzed my situation, it became clear that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy was in my best interest. I had over $200,000 dollars in unsecured credit card debt and it would have taken me way too long to save a substantial amount in order to settle the debt. During this period my credit would have suffered and I most likely would have been sued and received a wage garnishment. He filed all the appropriate paperwork and kept me up-to-date and aware of all the procedural matters throughout my case. He gave me sound legal advice throughout the case and always answered the questions that I had. He was always available to me by phone and he filed my case very quickly. Thanks for doing a great job and being so service oriented. I truly believe it doesn’t get any better than the Law Offices of Matthew T. Desrochers, P.C. Words can’t express how much I appreciate him and his professional team. Again thank you so much for enabling me to start a new life financially.

Best, DS

- Sarah

Matthew, and John Evans in his office, have been helping me battle my bank while we work to avoid foreclosure. Not only has he helped me immensely but their customer service has made dealing with them a pleasure.

- Alex

I was being sued by a collection agency for $9200. Additionally, this agency harassed me relentlessly over the phone but would not consider or accept ANY of my offers to settle the matter out of court.

Initially, I consulted several attorneys each of whom wanted a sizable retainer before they would consider the case; not a good deal being this a small claim.

I then found Matthew Desrochers. Matthew agreed to negotiate my debt and get my lawsuit dismissed from court. He charged me a flat fee based on a mutually agreed percentage of what he saved me in his negotiation.

Matthew settled this account for 50% of what I owed! To top it off he negotiated the amount 10% further to compensate me for the fact that I was harassed by this collection agency.

Matthew took the guesswork out of a very stressful situation for me. I have worked with several attorneys and unlike most, Matthew was more than fair, truly cared about my situation and answered every phone call and email promptly (including on weekends)!

Attorneys like Matt Desrochers are VERY HARD TO COME BY. I would hire him again and would recommend him to anyone! I only wish he practiced in additional areas of expertise, although Matt has always been happy to take a look at any legal issues I may have and even follow up to see how things turned out.

~ Klaporte

Matt helped me and my dad get out of a really awful legal and financial situation. We were lost and he guided us through this nightmare.

I’d recommend him to anyone with financial problems.

- Susan

If you have financial difficulties and fed up with your credit card, or mortgage payments; seeking an attorney should be your top priority. After having a great job for many years, I suddenly discovered that I was laid off and only had unemployment. After 12 months collecting, I was no longer able to pay most of my credit cards and even my mortgage. I went online and found Mr. Matthew Desrochers. After a great first conversation, we eventually met up; and I felt so much better after our meeting. We were able to come up with a plan that would save my home and get rid of my credit card debt; stop the phone calls and get me out of district court. Matthew treated me with respect and dignity. He was very knowledge and very accessible; always returned my calls and his staff was great as well. I would recommend Matthew to any person struggling with debt.

- Phylis Green

Matthew helped successfully file for Chapter 7 and have all of my debt discharged. I knew hardly anything about bankruptcy when I first spoke with Matthew, and he patiently educated me on all of my options concerning my debt. He did a phenomenal job in explaining to me why bankruptcy was the best option given my financial situation, and helped me feel comfortable filing Chapter 7. I had another attorney advice me to wait a few months to file; had I followed that lawyer’s advice I probably would not have been able to file. I am so thankful that I filed Chapter 7 and I would not have been able to do so without the support and guidance of Matthew.

- Sarah

My name is Kelly and I am from Worcester, MA. I was referred to Matt by a friend. I have been working with Matt and his staff for over one year to get my mortgage modified. After MONTHS of Matt working on my file diligently; it finally got done and I was able to keep my home. He always kept me informed and called and emailed me whenever I needed him.

Now I am using Matt to do my chapter 13 bankruptcy.
His staff was excellent and he was great to work with.
I would recommend him to anyone.

~ Kelly U-Worcester

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