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Back and Spinal Cord Injuries

Getting Your Life Back After a Car Accident

Motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of spine injuries, according to the National Spinal Cord Injury Center

Devastating to face, back and spinal injuries, in particular, are tough, chronic medical issues—challenging to properly diagnose and for the afflicted person, managing and dealing with the pain is uncomfortable, costly, and time-consuming, among other things. 

Having helped a number of clients recover from life-altering accidents, our back, and spinal cord injury attorneys with the Law Offices of Matthew T. Desrochers, P.C. know it's not simple or easy to resume your routine after these injuries plague your daily life.

That's why, with our unparalleled legal support in place, you'll have time to heal, find answers and seek proper medical care and attention. And while you're concentrating on your rehabilitation, our team will build your case to pursue justice and fair compensation on your behalf. 

Supporting Your Financial and Personal Recovery 

Back and spine injuries can happen in a variety of different motor vehicle accidents, though are most common in rear-end, head-on collisions or side-impact crashes. 

As your back and spine are complex and connected, an accident might cause minor or severe injuries to your neck, upper or lower back. Symptoms can be unpredictable and may vary, from immediate or delayed

Here are five of the most common back and spine issues, as a result of a car crash:

  • A temporary shock or whiplash impacting the back or spine that causes straining or tearing
  • Sprains, strains, and tears to muscles, tendons, and ligaments that cause pain, tenderness, or stiffness 
  • A crack or rupture in the spine, also known as a herniated disc, that causes low back pain, sciatica, weakness and numbness or tingling in the leg, foot, arms or shoulders
  • Significant stress on the spine leads to compression or fracture that damages the spinal cord 
  • The most dangerous and severe, a bruised, lacerated, or damaged spinal cord from extreme pressure that can lead to nerve damage or paralysis

Too many people take a chance on their health following a car accident, especially when symptoms look or feel minor. Seek medical attention immediately and if you experience any pain or suffering, don't attempt to manage your care alone. 

Ensure All of Your Bases Are Covered

The details of your accident and injury matter in the overall scheme of your case and with it, its resolution. This is an important factor to consider in choosing legal representation as the quality, experience, and knowledge of your attorney will impact the outcome of your lawsuit.

In addition, we take on the burden of navigating Massachusetts State Law and its specificities related to filing for a personal injury lawsuit

Spinal injury lawsuits, with multiple negotiations and players involved, might take months or years to come to fruition. We're in it for the long haul to ensure you don't just settle but settle for the right reasons and compensation

And you'll find the confidence and peace-of-mind in the proof, not just the words. Our firm has played a role in seeing several six-figure judgments and settlements through, to success. Take a few of these catastrophic cases, as examples:

Motorcycle accidentOur client was riding his motorcycle when another driver crashed into him after running a red light. The collision caused permanent damage to our client's right leg. With our firm's help, he received a Settlement of the Policy Limit of $100,000. 

Nail salon—Unclean and unsanitized instruments used by our client's nail salon resulted in severe injuries including serious pain and suffering, along with temporary loss of employment during recovery. We helped our client obtain damages, specifically lost wages during her rehabilitation period. 

Pedestrian accident—Struck and thrown to the ground, our client was hit by a car while crossing the street outside a Boston, MA hospital. With head injuries and loss of consciousness, we helped our client seek damages due to lost wages and head trauma, resulting in a Settlement of the Policy Limit of $20,000. 

Motorcycle accident—Riding with her friend on the back of a Suzuki-Hyabusa motorcycle, our client (the passenger) was subject to reckless driving throughout the Lexington Waltham, MA area. She was abruptly thrown off the motorcycle and with this, sustained serious and permanent neck, back, wrist and hip injuries requiring multiple surgeries, thereafter. The Settlement of the case of the Policy Limit was $250,000. 

Our team of spinal injury specialists review the following factors post-car accident and injury:

  • Loss of function
  • Quality of life 
  • Inconvenience
  • Emotional loss
  • Loss of relationships
  • Psychological issues
  • Mental issues

If you or a loved one has been injured, Contact us or call and speak with a personal injury attorney with the Law Offices of Matthew T. Desrochers, P.C.  today at (781) 279-1822.