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Short Sale

A short sale may occur when a bank or lender agrees to discount the total balance of a loan due to the borrower's economic hardship. This type of sale is often allowed when the bank or lender determines it will result in a smaller financial loss than a foreclosure. The Law Offices of Matthew T. Desrochers, P.C. has represented numerous individuals in their short sale case. If financial hardship is affecting your mortgage and the short sale process seems warranted, we can advocate in your case and can explain what a sheriff's sale is and how it may affect you.

Mr. Desrochers has personally overseen the sale of several hundred short sale transaction in 18 years. Mr. Desrochers has substantial experience with complex title and mortgage issues.

For more information regarding short sales, visit our Short Sale FAQs page.


Utilizing our outstanding negotiating skills, we assist clients in their quest to have their lender restructure the terms and payments of their loan. While not a guarantee, negotiation is one option that may enable you to keep your home.

In an attempt to stop foreclosure, we may also analyze various aspects of the lender's background as well as interactions they have had with you, identifying any violations of truth-in-lending laws or potential fraud.

Options are available to help you deal with foreclosure issues. You can discuss these options with us in a FREE consultation with one of our short-sale specialists.


Defaulting on your mortgage can cause a great deal of stress and difficulty. In many cases, borrowers are unaware that options are available to help them keep their home and so they find themselves losing this important asset. The short sale process is an excellent alternative to foreclosure and the credit damage it brings, and can provide the time and protection the borrower seeks when it is performed properly by a qualified legal team.

A Short Sale may also be referred to as a Short Pay. This type of sale involves an agreement on the banks part to accept fair market value on the property even if the total loan amount is greater than what the property is worth.

In the short sale scenario, which should include negotiations with a qualified attorney AND an experienced realtor, the lender receives only a portion of the total loan amount. The difference between the sale price of the property and the loan amount is written off. The lender's agreement to accept less than what is owed as satisfaction for the loan is reached in the negotiation process, which is why legal representation is so important. Negotiations we perform seek no liability, no indebtedness, no promissory notes, and no deficiency judgments.

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