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Motorcycle Accidents

Recovering from a Motorcycle Accident

By design, motorcycles are more prone to crashes and collisions on the road, from threatening weather conditions to an open framework to other vulnerabilities. The National Highway Traffic Administration points out that motorcyclists are 27 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a crash. 

Crashes involving motorcycles, from another perspective, account for 56 percent of motorcycle accident deaths

We've experienced enough motorcycle accident cases, from start to finish, that it's become an integral part of our personal injury practice and profile. Matthew T. Desrochers will help you determine the outcome and potential value of your motorcycle accident while managing through other influencers that impact the overall outcome of your case, from liability claims to damages to monetary value and other situational factors. 

In all of the unexpectedness, we're the steady partner you need to get the justice you deserve. 

Understanding Motorcycle Incidents on the Road

Motorcycles as a mode of transportation can be unpredictable, and even more so when involved in one of the many types of accidents riders are prone to. 

The most common causes and examples of motorcycle accidents include: 

  • Head-on Collision—automobiles that strike motorcyclists from the front result in a head-on collision. This accident is the most common and results in more than half of all motorcycle-related deaths.
  • Left-hand Turns—cars making a left-hand turn might run into a motorcycle while passing the car on the left side or going straight through an intersection, which is 42 percent of motorcycle and automobile accidents. 
  • Lane Splitting—motorcycles that drive between two lanes of stopped traffic in a traffic jam, or slowly moving cars, are a regular cause of collisions.
  • Speeding and Alcohol Use—driving a motorcycle under the influence and speeding at the same time is a fatal mix given little protection of the rider, as well as oncoming traffic.
  • Motorcycles and Fixed Objects—though few motorcycle deaths occur, obstacles in the road or other objects a motorcycle might collide with could cause harm or death, depending on the severity of it. 
  • Road Hazards—from slippery road conditions to deceased animals in the road to potholes, a variety of situations and conditions might pose a safety threat to motorcyclists, leading to possible bodily harm, damaged vehicle or both.
  • High-Performance Motorcycles—supersport or sport motorcycles are lightweight with high-powered, high-speed engines. As they can go extremely fast, you can imagine how quickly riders might lose control, especially with some of the above factors in play. The death rate of sport motorcycle riders are two times that of conventional motorcycle riders.

Call Us if You've Been in a Motorcycle Accident 

We understand finding an attorney to represent you in a motorcycle accident or personal injury case is personal. As it should be in the face of a tough situation, we try to make your experience with us as easy and comfortable as possible, from the moment you schedule a free consultation to pursue a settlement and every detail in between. 

To set you up for more success, you can assemble any documents you might have about your accident or injury ahead of our conversation if you have them:

  • Any photographs of the vehicle, injuries, or accident scene
  • Police reports
  • Medical reports detailing your injuries, from chiropractic care to medical doctors to specialists
  • Records or reports from your place of employment showing lost wages
  • Any other report or information impacting your overall quality of life following an accident

With attorneys like Matthew T. Desrochers by your side, no stone will go unturned in your personal injury case or motorcycle accident. Together we overcome your accident and shape a better outcome for you. If you, or someone you know, has been injured and they're unsure what to do next, Contact us or call Matthew T. Desrochers today, (781) 279-1822.

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