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Foot and Leg Injuries

Taking Care of Leg and Foot Injuries

Our legs and feet are composed of critical elements such as bones, tendons, muscles and ligaments. As these two areas of our body are typically prone to aches, pains, strains and fractures in our daily lives, and as we age, things only get more complicated when an automobile accident is involved. 

As one example, a sudden stop due to an unexpected traffic jam or distracted driver might require sudden braking. Taking this action too quickly might cause whiplash and a strain or sprain in your foot or leg, as the after-effects. 

In the case of more high-impact wrecks or collisions, dangerous or severe accidents can crush or twist lower extremities and with it, cause extreme pain, require one or more surgeries; create mobility issues, paralysis and another unfortunate, unwanted scenarios. 

Like any accident, there are minor and severe cases and injuries will vary with short- and long-term effects on your mind, body, and overall health. Having an attorney partner like our Firm in tow is a key step in recovering your health, peace-of-mind, and compensation for your injuries, pain, and suffering.

Reduce Your Burden and Hire an Attorney

After you've been injured, your medical and continued care is a priority. With you focusing on your health and rehabilitation, let our team step in and take over the additional day-to-day burdens created by your accident. 

Unlike some law firms and insurance companies “just in it” for monetary gain, we do it differently. Our wins come from helping you get better and with it, identifying savvy angles and solutions that lead to fair and just compensation in exchange for your unfortunate circumstances.


  • A plan for lost employment, wages/income
  • Getting all of your bills paid
  • Just focusing on your health and recovery
  • Getting back to work and life after an injury
  • Being treated fairly 
  • Maximum compensation for your injury, pain, and suffering
  • Not dealing with insurance or settlement companies that only care about money (not you)

This is the benefit of having our experienced attorneys by your side after a foot or leg injury following an accident. 

Get Needed Peace-of-Mind and Call Us Today

When you call and share your personal injury story with our team, you'll find a group of fair, steadfast, and honest attorneys with an earnest desire to help you (as we commit the same to our clients) and ensure your peace-of-mind as you navigate a tough situation. 

We offer free consultations so that you can get a feel for our approach, experience, and process. As first impressions are important to us, it won't take long to find out if we're the right fit for you.

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