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Move Quickly After a Truck Crash

Understanding Truck Accidents and Timing 

Semi-truck accidents or large commercial vehicles can cause traumatic accidents and therefore, injuries on-the-road. This is magnified when speed or additional cargo and weight is involved, creating a dangerous environment for drivers and the public in general, especially as collisions happen.

From a lawsuit perspective, in the State of Massachusetts, truck accidents are tougher cases and more challenging to prove. Large truck crashes, as reported by a 2016 Massachusetts Department of Transportation study, represent nearly 9 percent of all crashes on the road.

This is one of the many reasons to have an attorney like us by your side. We gather thorough evidence and start building a story and a legal case on your behalf—a critical stepping stone at the start of your accident. 

The sooner we start, the better for you.

Finding Liability in a Truck Accident

Trucking accidents involve several individuals, multiple companies, and agencies in most instances responsible for stocking, products, equipment, shipping and more. Therefore there are several aspects to consider when proving negligence. 

As your advocate, it's our job to prove your injury was a direct result of one or more of these parties' failure to comply. We look at how the accident happened, actions taken (or not taken, for that matter) on the road, and laws were broken that resulted in a negative outcome. In short, we determine where the liability “lives,” backed with evidence, facts and creative solutions. shares a few examples of how the Courts assess truck accidents with all of the complexities involved:

  •  The driver of a commercial truck might hire through a company that transfers and ships equipment or items, but he/she might also drive as an independent contractor without a connection to an agency
  • If the manufacturer of the truck created the vehicle with a defect, this could lead to an incident
  • Another manufacturer creates the ropes and pulleys that keep equipment secure on the vehicle and the agency that hires the trucker may not perform inspections correctly, putting others at risk
  • The agency might cut corners and the employer may hold liability for any accidents 

The liability might be due to a sole person or company, or it might be shared among multiple parties. We will navigate these waters for you, connect the dots and build something relevant and worthy of the Court System.

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