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Complex Divorce Matters

Preserving your Assets: Complex Marital Estates

Some divorce cases can be simple and straightforward, while other divorces require all hands on deck. This is true in the instance of complex marital estates that blend a mix of assets and value together including trusts, businesses, real estate holdings and intellectual property with long-term financial and tax consequences. 

What's at Stake in a Complex Marital Estate Divorce?

Complicated and complex by nature, high-end divorce cases with substantial assets and high net worth individuals will no doubt benefit from having a tough and take-action kind of divorce litigation attorney, especially when the stakes are high and there's no resolution in sight. The goal is to equitably divide marital assets between two spouses, without compromising nonmarital assets. 

In the State of Massachusetts, the law states the division of property in a divorce must be equitable, not necessarily equal. Without spouses reaching an agreement or legal counsel and representation, the Court divides both property and debt in a way they deem fair. Having an attorney, therefore, is critical to reaching a fair settlement for both parties.

Possible assets in consideration and review might include: 

  • Trusts
  • Multiple bank accounts, possibly offshore accounts
  • Investments
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Inheritances
  • Gifts
  • Real estate
  • Pensions/401ks
  • Savings accounts
  • Royalties
  • Deferred compensation
  • Executive bonuses
  • Hidden or other commingled assets

You're either on the side of protecting your assets from your significant other or fighting for fair compensation following your divorce. Our no-nonsense attorneys with The Law Offices of Matthew T. Desrochers understand the game and the stakes in play. We'll be your advocate and partner in negotiations, seeking the best outcome and reaching a deal on your behalf.

Outside of assets, there's another reason to have an experienced attorney fighting for you in a complex divorce case. We help coordinate and manage any specialty experts involved in your personal and professional life that might have an impact on your divorce and financial future. 

From business valuation experts to financial advisors and planners to forensic accountants and specialty attorneys, get peace-of-mind knowing a team is working for you, strategizing and collaborating together, to design the best solution and outcome for you. Not against you.

What if my Spouse Hides Money or Assets from Me? 

A little precaution before a crisis goes a long way.  

As two people separate and the realities of divorce set in, it can sometimes trigger an “every man for himself” mentality. A spouse might decide to engage in financial shenanigans such as concealing assets from his or her spouse, attorneys, and the Court System. Alternatively, a spouse might undersell his or her financial income and assets or omit information, altogether.

While we see a variety of scenarios, our team sees more fraudulent behavior with self-employed spouses as they so quickly and easily can “hide” any joint, marital funds and mask it as business-related expenses, or non-marital funds. Because of this, oftentimes the opposing spouse has a tough time, especially if they didn't play a role in money management in the marriage, proving if or how much money he or she is entitled to. 

Poor financial decisions like this always come to light once complex divorce cases go to litigation, though it can be more challenging to uncover (and recover) hidden money or assets down the road. 

That's why it's important to be aware of, and closely monitor, any unusual behavior regarding your joint finances once you separate, prior to, and during, your divorce case:

  • Account notification cancellations
  • Letters from financial institutions notifying you of changes you didn't make
  • Credit report changes 
  • Unusual activity via your online accounts
  • Sums, large or small, being moved or transferred
  • Accounts being closed
  • Forwarding mail 
  • Requests to sign-off 
  • Partial deposits of paychecks
  • Excessive loans
  • Missing assets 

Your attorney will be instrumental in helping you identify red flags, among other tips and pieces of guidance, before the official divorce proceedings begin. Being proactive will no doubt help your case down the road. 

Let our Firm Get You on the Right Path

Dishonesty in divorce can be a crushing blow, especially if you're the target of fraud or hidden assets in a challenging divorce case. 

Our team of divorce attorneys have experience with a range of divorce cases, from simple to complex. 

It's having that hands-on experience with the nuisances and details only relative to high-stakes divorces that make us different than other attorneys. And to add to this, not only do we have the know-how to navigate the legal system, you'll find our philosophy is rooted first in understanding and empathy for our clients, not just the transaction of getting another deal done.

If you're seeking representation for a complex divorce case, look no further than our team of divorce litigation attorneys with The Law Offices of Matthew T. Desrochers. You'll find our collective experience, professionalism, and knowledge is the peace-of-mind you need to select the right attorney for your future and next chapter of life post-divorce. 

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