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Dram Shop Liability-Liquor Liability

Holding an Establishment Liable for Abusing Liquor 

Hotels, bars, restaurants, or any commercial establishment that serves alcoholic beverages are more prone to legal and civil charges when bartenders or staff over-serve patrons. 

And while alcohol companies, advertisers, and these same establishments promote drinking responsibly, there are times customers exceed the limit and the staff becomes liable when an unfortunate accident or incident occurs. 

States refer to this as Dram Shop Laws. States have very specific liability laws as it relates to finding fault after an alcohol-induced accident or injury. The State of Massachusetts, in fact, handles it differently than other states. It does not have a specific statute allowing injured parties to bring civil claims for damages against alcohol vendors.

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 138, Section 69 forbids vendors from serving or selling alcohol to an “intoxicated person” and as such, a person that is already under the influence and is served more alcohol could be held liable for negligence in a lawsuit. 

Representation for Your Liquor Liability Lawsuit

As you might now know, nuisances within the State of Massachusetts Law, including a three-year time limit to file your claim, demand an experienced liquor liability attorney to work through the details and elements of your case that may or may not be suited for a judgment. 

Our attorneys with the Law Offices of Matthew T. Desrochers, P.C.  will thoroughly investigate and interview witnesses and explore any other angle that might benefit your case if you were injured by a person that may have been over-served. 

The types of damages we see and can help you recover might include:

  • Medical bills, treatment, and any other procedure related to your accident or injury
  • Job loss and lost wages, insurance, benefits, and so forth
  • Damaged vehicle
  • Destroyed property
  • Lost value of household services and child care
  • Quality of life, pain/suffering

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Liquor liability cases aren't cut and dry. But if your life has been altered by an accident or injury as a result of a negligent person under-the-influence, you're worth fighting for and it's time to get back what you lost. 

Our knowledgeable and hands-on liquor liability attorneys can handle your legal challenges with grit and finesse. If you're the unfortunate victim of an accident, get the answers and solutions you deserve and Contact us or call us today for a free consultation: (781) 279-1822.

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