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Pitfalls to Avoid after a Personal Injury

Don't Fall Into These Traps After an Injury

It's natural to feel a variety of mixed emotions after an accident, some of which might include fear, uneasiness, tension, and anxiety. Vulnerable times like this easily affect decision-making abilities, especially as you're going through the healing and recovery process. 

Be proactive in maximizing your chances of a financial recovery, too, and hire an experienced personal injury attorney like Matthew T. Desrochers to help you recover any unanticipated financial or personal losses.

We can share a few important traps to avoid after experiencing an injury:

Thinking You Don't Have Any Options

You might think, after an accident, that you don't have any options for recourse. Misconceptions related to high attorney fees might be one reason, or maybe it feels like an inconvenience to pursue information while you're recovering from, or dealing with, pain and possibly, suffering.

There's some truth to these claims only if you fall into the sea of attorneys at your disposal, all who claim to be experts in every area of law. Choose, instead, specialty legal representation with personal injury expertise and real-life examples of success stories so you don't waste your time, energy, or money.

Not Taking Photos or Gathering Evidence

Gathering as much information about your accident, including photography at the scene, of your vehicle and injuries, along with time and date stamps, will be useful to an attorney in a court of law. The more details, the better, so we can build a positive case on your behalf. 

Avoiding Medical Care 

Outside of emergency medical care, the other symptoms, aches and pains you might experience could be immediate or delayed. For this reason, it's critical to seek medical attention right away after an injury, not only to receive a proper diagnosis, but also a short- or long-term post-injury treatment plan.

Accepting Any Monetary Offers

Two things might happen after an injury or accident, depending on the situation and likely, severity. Out of fear, or in an attempt to “make the problem go away,” people or companies—maybe even their legal teams—might try to offer you what they believe the accident was worth. This is a mistake to engage with a person or company and accept payment or bribe in exchange for silence or cooperation.

Another common occurrence is when a settlement or insurance company tries to offer you a lowball settlement. Insurance and settlement companies aren't designed around you, the victim. They're after the bottom line, a fact most people don't know until they experience a personal injury situation.

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