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Personal Injury FAQs

Accidents are traumatizing, big or small. And you're here as you or someone you know has experienced the affliction of an accident and injury and you're likely seeking answers, help, and guidance as to what you should do next. 

Our team of personal injury attorneys crafted some of our most commonly asked questions from personal injury victims like you so you can rest easy knowing help is out there for you, you just have to look in the right places.

What do I do after an accident?

  • Seek medical attention

Whether your injuries are minor, severe, or symptoms are delayed, seek medical attention immediately. 

  • Gather evidence of your accident and injury

If you're physically able, gather as much information as you can relevant to your specific accident and injury. Take notes and photos of accident scenes as an example, keep stock of related bills and communication.

  • Contact an experienced personal injury attorney

Start by researching local attorneys that can represent you in a Court of Law. Consider referrals and reviews, but more specifically, expertise and knowledge in personal injury. 

How do I know if I have a personal injury case? 

Gather any information related to your accident and injury and share it with your personal injury attorney. Most attorneys offer a free consultation so you can ask questions and they can properly assess whether you have a case or not. You should find out rather quickly during this initial conversation based on the facts you have in-hand.

Should I take settlement money from my insurance company?

Do not accept offers, payments, or bribes from the parties involved in an accident without an attorney representing you. Insurance companies are known for lowball offers and use vulnerable times like an accident to settle quickly as most victims don't know their options.

Our personal injury attorneys expensive? 

Most personal injury attorneys take personal injury cases on a contingency basis. Pro bono is another way to explain this, or taking a case for no money until you win your case and receive a settlement. Attorneys will take an agreed-upon portion from this money once the case is over.

How much is my personal injury case worth?

This is dependent on several things, including the accident, injury and details involved. Once you start working with an attorney, he or she will evaluate your case and provide you with a possible value or settlement worth depending on the evidence you/they have to use to build a case.

Can I still file a lawsuit if I'm not hurt?

There are a few different types of injuries and it depends on the accident and what type of injury it caused. Some injuries are visible in plain sight, while others, like brain trauma, are internal and cause long-term effects on your mind and body. Whether your injuries are minor or severe, you still might qualify for a settlement depending on the situation at hand and whether the offending party is liable. And that's our job to prove. 

What if I was partly at fault for the accident?

In the State of Massachusetts, the plaintiff's share of the fault must be 50 percent or less in order to collect any monetary compensation from the defendant. 

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