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Personal Injury

Taking Control of Your Future After an Injury 

The stakes are high when you become the victim of an automobile accident, dog bite, or other personal injury trauma. Dealing with the aftermath of an accident impacts so many areas of your life at once—the toll being emotional, financial and psychological. 

While undoing the incident isn't possible, taking control of your future is. 

The next, best step is seeking the help of personal injury attorneys like Matthew T. Desrochers and his team of legal professionals. We're as much about fighting for your retribution as we are getting you through, and to recovery. 

Getting the Right Results in Your Case

If you were the unfortunate target of another person or party's oversight or inattention and it resulted in bodily or mental harm, you're likely eligible for compensation to cover your pain and suffering, unexpected medical care and expenses or lost wages due to job loss, among other associated costs. 

When you consider hiring Matthew T. Desrochers, you get what you seewell-seasoned professionals with hands-on personal injury expertise, integrity and an unrivaled readiness to fight for your best-case scenario.

Automobile accidents—motorcycle or truck crashes and collisions and pedestrian and bicycle accidents 

Bodily injuries—back and spine, foot and leg, head and neck, spinal cord, or severe brain injuries

Animal bites—bites as a result of a dog or other animal attacks 

Slip and fall—an accidental fall in a public place or an innocent slip on a slippery sidewalk that causes little to more severe bodily harm

Wrongful deathunfortunate circumstances and accidents that lead to the death of a loved one 

Liquor liabilityaccidents or death as a result of being overserved 

Share Your Story with Us 

Dealing with such a complex, personal event demands legal representation with eyes on more than dollar signs. Our team, on-the-other-hand, believe you deserve a better outcome and we'll be the driving force in getting you there. 

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The Law Offices of Matthew T. Desrochers provides services to the following counties—Essex, Suffolk and Middlesex.

I have been involved in many personal injury lawsuits and claims, including the following:

Case 1: Nail Salon case where a customer was severely injured as a result of unclean and unsanitized instruments causing serious pain and suffering including substantial time missed from her employment

Case 2: Motorcycle Accident-Victim was driving on his motorcycle and was struck by a driver of a motor vehicle that ran a red light resulting in a major crush injury to his right leg including permanent injury Settlement of the Policy Limit of $100,000.00

 Case 3: Motorcycle Accident-Passenger on the back of a Suzuki Hyabusa motorcycle.  She was a passenger on the back when her friend decided to drive recklessly thru many areas in Lexington Waltham area.  She was thrown off the motorcycle and sustained serious neck, back wrist and hip injuries.  Her injuries were permanent and required many surgeries.  Settlement of the case was for the policy limit of $250.000.00

Case 4: Pedestrian Accident-Client was struck crossing the street in the hospital area of Boston, MA.  Victim was struck and thrown to the ground causing head injuries including loss of consciousness-Case including lost wages and head trauma.  Settlement of the case was for the policy limit of $20,000.00