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Klaporte Recommends Matthew T. Desrochers

I was being sued by a collection agency for $9200. Additionally, this agency harassed me relentlessly over the phone but would not consider or accept ANY of my offers to settle the matter out of court.

Initially, I consulted several attorneys each of whom wanted a sizable retainer before they would consider the case; not a good deal being this a small claim.

I then found Matthew Desrochers. Matthew agreed to negotiate my debt and get my lawsuit dismissed from court. He charged me a flat fee based on a mutually agreed percentage of what he saved me in his negotiation.

Matthew settled this account for 50% of what I owed! To top it off he negotiated the amount 10% further to compensate me for the fact that I was harassed by this collection agency.

Matthew took the guesswork out of a very stressful situation for me. I have worked with several attorneys and unlike most, Matthew was more than fair, truly cared about my situation and answered every phone call and email promptly (including on weekends)!

Attorneys like Matt Desrochers are VERY HARD TO COME BY. I would hire him again and would recommend him to anyone! I only wish he practiced in additional areas of expertise, although Matt has always been happy to take a look at any legal issues I may have and even follow up to see how things turned out.

– Klaporte