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Phylis Green Recommends Matthew T. Desrochers

If you have financial difficulties and fed up with your credit card, or mortgage payments; seeking an attorney should be your top priority. After having a great job for many years, I suddenly discovered that I was laid off and only had unemployment. After 12 months collecting, I was no longer able to pay most of my credit cards and even my mortgage. I went online and found Mr. Matthew Desrochers. After a great first conversation, we eventually met up; and I felt so much better after our meeting. We were able to come up with a plan that would save my home and get rid of my credit card debt; stop the phone calls and get me out of district court. Matthew treated me with respect and dignity. He was very knowledge and very accessible; always returned my calls and his staff was great as well. I would recommend Matthew to any person struggling with debt.

– Phylis Green