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Unfortunately, I have had several experiences with bankruptcy in my lifetime.Life has had its challenges and with it a few incompetent attorneys and very difficult banks. After several reorganizations of our home loan this last time Bank Of America seemed unwilling to modify our loan one last time. I was desperate and turned to Matthew Desrochers. I had seen a tutorial video he did on Facebook a while ago and it was nice to see an old classmate who I haven't seen in over 20 years had made a successful life for himself. I reached out in desperation hoping his memories of me in high school were as favorable as my own. Matt met with Sharon ad I and took over an hour during our free consultation to explain everything in detail. He listened and took what I said into careful consideration, then together we formulated a plan. 2 Months on a very fair retainer but no more than that and we will see where we are at that time. Just a few days after the 2nd moth the bank agreed to modify. They had already refused me twice and told me it was too late. (You can;t trust what the bank says). Matt got them to listen and even though they had modified the loan several times before Matt and his team got them to do it again. They even reduced the rate and my monthly payment. We couldn't be more thankful. As I said in the beginning I have used other attorneys in the past for bankruptcy issues. Matt Desrochers and his team is by far the best, and most competent and also the fairest priced. Amazing People. Thank you so much!

– Tommy Grella